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Crazy Balloon Shooter

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Shoot the number of colored balloons as per the level requirement to proceed to next level. Shooting a wrong balloon deducts a life. Remember, the color of the balloon you need to shoot is changed for every few second...

Nasty Ninja

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The Dragon Killer has appeared on the Earth. Only Takeshi the Nasty Ninja can defeat him and save the world.


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Create your own music in this unique flash game that feature a friendly user interface similar to the classic game Mario Paint !   Check out the BETA !   Choose from more than 150 instruments ranging from Gu...

Rooster Lay Eggs

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Help rooster lead those eggs to the box home and have fun with this cute rooster!

Ultimate Vs Battle

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An addictive and casual friendly one button, multiplayer game that everyone can enjoy demonstrating their own flying skills and competing tactics. In this 2 players game your goal is to outrun your opponent either in ...


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The world of dreams awaits you! With pigs, dragons and jam-eating bears, all of your wildest fantasies can come to life! Dreamfields is the ultimate social farming game. Located in a world of dreams where each and eve...

Bus Controller

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Bus Controller is a chaotic management game in which you're in control of a bustling city's bus interchange! Guide the fleet of buses to their respective stations without causing a crash! The more buses there are on t...


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A sliding-tile platformer. Awarded Best Student Game at the 2010 Independent Games Festival. Get Continuity 2: The Continuation for iPhone/iPad at the App Store Continuity was created by Elias Holmlid, Dmitri Kurteanu...

Seal of the Mainland

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This is a war that happens in the sealed continent. To win the war, you must make good use of your troops to wipe out the enemies.

Tank Wars Arena

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Brace yourself tank drivers and get ready to travel back in time to the shooting era of classic Tank games!! Face against your enemies alone, or call your best friend to enjoy playing the 2 players game mode, pick the...

Merry Invasion

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The "Merry Invasion" - the fun game in the genre of Defense. Which combines elements of economic and military strategy!rnrnFeatures:rnrn- 5 unique levelsrn- Original musicrn- Large variety of enemiesrn- Countless opti...

Movement Mayhem

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UPDATED (Jan 15, 2008){ -Added new boss levels -Changed the movement speed to increase simplicity Basically, the concept of the game is a mix between a coordination game that requires you to move two different s...

New Online Games


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With this tool you can cryptography some small messages using the power of Construct 2. :)Type your message using the characters: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWYZ_!?,.choose the integer values for a and b(below there are som...

Fidget Spinner Zombie War

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Zombies are invading your neighbourhood. Luckily there is plentiful supply of fidget hand spinners and you are ready to take them on. Have fun with this delightful spinner fights zombies game. Every zombie you stop w...

THE Game…

2 Played0 Comments and have fun you can't die .....................

Blocky jumper

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Parkour and try to get to the portal! WARNING THIS GAME IS VERY HARDleft arrow-move leftup arrow-jumpright arrow-move rightspacebar- create platform



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Try and keep your chosen animal alive by avoiding the vehicles. The longer you stay alive the more points you score. Don't forget to click on the bonus roll for extra points!Click or touch to avoid the vehicles.D...

One Stage Man

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Ajude o One Stage a encontrar a saída do campo alíenigena.==================================================Help One Stage to find the exit of the alien field Seta para direita : ir para a direita Seta para...

Space War

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Stop the aliens from invading the earthVisit the creator's website: = ups = downd = righta = leftm = attack

Romeo and Juliet

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Seja o Romeu e vá atrás da sua Julieta![A] Left[S] Down[D] Right[SPACE] Jump

Lazer Tim

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kill the bots and save the world.Use the arrow keys to move and jump to kill the bots to save people

My first game 3D24

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A game of an alien going back home.He needs to collect mushrooms to gain points and avoid bump into ice space bar to startpress left and right keys to go backward and forward respectivelypress up key to j...


Chapolin Colorado Runner

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Teste suas habilidades nesse jogo de corrida infinita, onde você controla o melhor e mais atrapalhado herói da televisão.Junte-se a o Polegar Vermelho e tente chegar o mais longe que puder!SPACE - SALT...

Bombing Boy

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Drive away from the enemys while dropping bombs to destroy them! This is the first game I programmed, I hope you like how it works.I appreciate any feedback you give me so I can improve all future games I'll be m...


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2 player LAN racing game. 2 Player requiredW: Player 1 upwardsA: Player 1 leftS: Player 1 downwardsD: Player 1 rightI: Player 2 upwardsJ: Player 2 leftK: Player 2 downwardsL: Player 2 rightLeft Click: Navigates throug...

Flying Truck Racer

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GAME PLAYA modern flying truck equipped with anti gravity technology, races and engages in an aerial warfare with other flying trucks. Enjoy explosive combats and shootouts high above the city roof tops. Fly as far a...

4×4 Rally

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Race on treacherous terrain in 4x4 Rally. Customize your own truck and compete for a winning place on challenging courses, such as the race on ice, through dense cityscapes, threatening deserts, and even the inside of...


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Smugglers is a Driving Game , You are a smuggler trying to run away from the border police. Follow the red arrow to find the cargo before it is discovered by the police. Once you have picked up the cargo, take it back...


Trio Maze Escape

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GAMEPLAYThree little Gogos are trapped in a maze filled with perilous objects. Help them to navigate the dangers and reach the Exit safely. Watch out for moving saws and bombs. Collect the red and blue keys to unlock...

Good things come in 3

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"Good things come in 3" is created using C3.You can play the game with mobile device. Full screen view is recommended.Touch on 3 and make a combo.Good things come in 3


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Primeiro jogo realizado pelo aluno João Speranza Pastorello em construct, no extracurricular de Games oferecido pela empresa Drecon dentro da escola Farroupilha.Seta Direita - DireitaSeta Esquerda - EsquerdaSeta ...

Ruschel First Game in Construct

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Este foi o primeiro jogo criado pelo aluno Arthur Ruschel Langhanz para o extracurricular de Games oferecido pela empresa Drecon na escola Farroupilha.Seta Direita - DireitaSeta Esquerda - EsquerdaSeta Cima - CimaSeta...


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Primeiro jogo criado pelos alunos Pedro Vinicius dos Santos Zancan e Pedro Duarte dos Santos em construct, realizado no extracurricular de games oferecido pela empresa Drecon dentro da escola Farroupilha.Seta Direita ...


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Primeiro jogo realizado pelo aluno Guilherme Zart Guedes em construt, realizado no extracurricular de games oferecido pela empresa Drecon dentro da escola Farroupilha.Seta Direita - DireitaSeta Esquerda - EsquerdaSe...


Rain In The Underground – Legacy

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Rain In The Underground - Legacy Version By Andrea Cazzola© 2017 Pokka LabsRain In The Underground is an arcade minigame where you kill the most enemies to beat the highscore. Shoot and survive, beat your records...

Inavsion DEMO

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this game is pvp kill all enemyspace-firearrovs-moveThis is a demo game

Ghost Shooter mini tuto

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Play for wasting time, don't worry, this is nothing, I mean, just play it for dying or I don't know. Run, ruuuuun before you get bored already.ñom ñom ñom ñom ñom ñom ñom &...

Zombie apokalypsa

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Eliminate hordes of Zombies and buy various weapons.Aim, shoot and buy weapons using your mouse.

Say no to Blue Whale

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Um jogo sobre a baleia azul. Um rapaz tem um sonho em que ele luta contra a sua depressão e a sua solidão (ou seja contra a baleia azul) com uma nerf. Isto foi para um trabalho.Ass:BG4seta para cima- andar p...


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just some space shooter game! i hope you enjoy this game :3Arrow keys -> movement(hold) Z -> shootX -> use bombpowerup itemred -> increase lifegreen -> increase bombyellow -> increase laser firerateb...