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Piggy Power

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Fly to the trophy of Pigs without crashing and WINSpace - FlyHave Fun and WIN


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Es ist ein sehr cooles Piraten-Spiel un es macht wirklich spass es zu spielen!Obwohl es schwierig wird am Schluss.Mit den Pfeiltasten Spielen und mit der Leertaste schiessen.Du kannstmit der Taste Shift das Spiel paus...


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A very random game about...well a flappybirds puzzle game, that can be very annoying!!!ps: Clue...Just above the headleft click to jumpjust mess around and find out

Commondo Duty

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A Run And Gun Action Platformer Template based on Nintendo ContraIn this contra styled action run and gun plateformer game you will getDifferent types of AI enemiesBoss BattlesBridge Mechanics like contraPower capsul...

Turn Towards the Light

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Find your way through the maze by following the arrows before you are destroyed. Follow the arrows, and don't run out of energy. Be careful- almost everything you do uses energy! You can run up walls and under...


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TRILOGY for the VIDEO GAME(R)TRILOGY puts you in the role of JOHN KILLMAN, an ex-bounty hunter who must SAVE HIS WIFE from the THREE EVIL FIENDS.Each fiend will present a harder challenge. Can you overcome them all an...

FIrst, Atoll Saves the earth

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Only to can accept the Power from The Polyglot Psychics Translators that turned you into a three-legged, one eye creature. If you can not recover the Transmission from the Overmind before the Mono's rocket heads...

Star Shooter

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You are apart of the union fleet. You must protect 10000 while they teleport to a different galaxy to get away from the hive. The hive is a mindless species trying to kill every being in the galaxy.move the cursor to ...

Cosmos Wars

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A space pvp game, requires 2 only, tap the buttons to move

the most awesome flappy thing ever in the entire world ever

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so this is a game of skill and strategy, its really hard and no one will ever make a harder game ever in the world :pyou must click the click to click to fly like a beautiful birdy in the wonderful sky

Crap Attack – demo version

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A man, a woman, a date, and tons and tons of pooh. You are the miraculous pill that can fix the situation!Try to keep clean the man that swallowed you!Nobody but you can do that! You have only 5 minutes per level to ...

U.S Flag Evolution

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Stop the race, beat the gunner

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Be careful, as a racer you can be slowed in the grass. But if you get slowed, you can be fixed by driving over the orange line.A,W,S,D for teal carUp, down, left, right for pink carMoving the mouse, and left click for...


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Control your ball midair to collect coins and score combos! Collect enough combos and you might get a SUPER COMBO!Tap or click and hold on the left or right side of the play area to control your ball.


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Tap or click and hold on the left or right sides of the screen to control your ball. Collect coins and score combos. Featuring an epic sound track and hand drawn graphics.Tap or click and hold the left or right side o...

Is Leaf?

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Is Leaf?AiggggggggggYEEEEEEMM?????????????????????????????????????????Is Leaf?AiggggggggggYEEEEEEMM??????????????????

Gunstar Heroes

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Juego sidescrolling donde tenemos por misión reunir cuatro cristales para poder salvar al mundo de la amenaza de Golden Silver - Trabajo en procesoSidescrolling game where our mission is gather four crystals to s...

Platinum Defence

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You are a spaceship, and your goal is to shoot everything and not get hit!!!!!use the arrow keys to move, and the mouse to aim and shoot

Changing Cave

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Click, tap, or press any key to lift the health bar. You begin with 5 health bars, a hit from a red square will cause 1 health to be lost, if you lose all 5 health bars e.g. by hitting a black wall the game is over an...

спинег (Spinner)

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Спинег спинег спинег спинег спинег (Spinner Spinner Spinner Spinner Spinner Spinner Spinner Spinner Spinner)spin your spinner with fidget spinners buttons spin your spinner with fidget spinners buttons spin your spinn...


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Blinkous is a really challenging arcade action game. You move really slowly, but luckily you have a super fast dash attack. You can dash to move around, avoid damage and inflict damage on enemies if you go through the...

Drift Cup Racing

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Join the ultimate drifting competition and race for the cup! Earn coins, buy upgrades and leave your opponents in the dust!

Femenazi Flapper (420 Edition)

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You Play As A Femenazi And Must Avoid Getting Triggered (You WILL Fail)Made By Benjamin D. @Fire Tech Camp[CLICK] OR Jump[SPACE]

Bamboo Run

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Get the panda back to the bamboo forest by avoiding the obstacles!USE THE ARROWS ON YOUR KEYBOARD TO PLAYThank you for playing!Made by Sara at Fire Tech CampUse the arrows on your keyboard to avoid obstacles.


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Try not to get cancer m9Shrek is love,Shrek is lyfe.GET SHREKT M9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999Go subscribe to CowBellyTV

Candy Jump

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Donut touch the lollipops and make it to 5000 points!Thank you for playing my game!Tap to jump if you are on a mobile device and if you are on a computer use the space bar or the mouse.

Boss Master 2

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Complete the levels until you meet the boss and destroy it!Our previous game: Boss MasterW / Up arrow = Jump / Go upA / Left arrow = Go leftS / Down arrow = Go downD / Right arrow = Go rightClick = Shoot (Only for the...

Project Platform

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Jump over Obstacles as you race to the Portal. Beware of Guns and Barbed wire.Up Arrow - JumpRight Arrow - FowardLeft Arrow - Backwards

Helicopters vs Tanks

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Your city is being invaded by enemy tanks. Your mission is to lead a squadron of attack helicopters to repel the tanks before they reach the city. Every successful shoot earns you coins. Every 15 seconds you also get...

Space Keeper

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Em algum lugar na galáxia...Uma nave que estava explorando o planeta Mardon, trás de carona para a Terra um alienígena, ele observou que o planeta azul tinha muitos recursos para criação de no...

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