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Nemezes games 2017 5×1

Games that I made most for brazilian gamejams.Sorry, most of the games are in portuguese, but they are easy to play as they are very simple.CREDITSSome music and some sounds by EVAN KING from album Game Assets by Carl Olsson (surt) Music and some Sounds by Sounds by'8bit Bossa' by'Mellowtron' and '8bit Dungeon Level' byKevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons:By Attribution 3.0 Good Neighbors by Clint Bellangerlook for it at

* Keyboard keys: arrow keys (or AWSD), H, B, N, M9 to go to start screen of each game / 0 to select games (on the start screen of each game)Enter to start each game* Gamepad/Joystick: Start to start each game / Select to select screen or to reset game

Category: Adventure


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