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Tank Driver

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The turret will shoot for you. Destroy the other tank by driving your tank in a skilful manner[arrow keys] - player 1 movement[w,a,s,d] - player 2 movement


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Choose one or two player game, and dodge the bullets for as long as possible[arrow keys] - player 1 movement[w,a,s,d keys] - layer 2 movement

plane arenas

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Entertain the crowd by destroying the other plane!Player 1 uses arrow keys and space to shoot!Player 2 uses arrow keys and C to shoot!

Snakes and Ladders No Doubles

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Take turns pressing your colour square to roll the die, you will automatically move the number of places shown on the die. The first to land on the 100th square wins the game.In this exciting version of snakes of ladd...

Pong With Movement

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Pong but you now can move left and right (both players)!!!This is a 2 player game ONLY, NO AI to play against.[W][A][D][S] PLAYER ONEArrow keys for PLAYER TWO

The game in 2 players

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Игра сделана только для 2 игроков! 2 ШАРИКА - 2 ИГРОКА1 игрок - W прижокA - ВлевоD - вправо2 игрок - стрелки

Block Wars

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Play a few minigames with a buddy and win the most.Play a few minigames with a buddy and win the most.Play a few minigames with a buddy and win the most.Play a few minigames with a buddy and win the most.Play a few mi...

Nervous Pong

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Be the first to goal 11 points - for 2 playersYou can play with a keyboard or Xbox360 gamepad. Credits : Creator - Romain PiersonMusic (1) - Midnight Stories by Vincent LantyMusic (2) - Focus by ChipzelKeyboard : (Pla...


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Establish an unbroken path of tiles of your colour from one side to the other in the direction indicated. You can also win by surrounding the other colour with your colour tiles. Tiles can be placed horizonatlly or ve...


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Each player chooses a green box and clicks on it when it is their turn. Roll a one to start, and roll every number to make a beetle before other players (parts must connect)[left click/tap] - your green box to roll th...


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Choose if you are playing as noughts or as crosses. Take turns placingthem, and aim to have three of the same in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally[left click/touch] - place a nought or a cross


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Suh Dude ,this is a bootleg of tron.I only did this for my class.Its only a 2 player gameplayer1:WASDPlayer2:Arrow keyspress spacebar to restart


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One player places a naught and the other player or AI places a cross on the grid. Take turns, and aim to get three in a row - across, diagonally or up/down. Left click to place a nought, right click the mouse to place...


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Battle against another player in helicopters, using power-ups to your advantageInstructions can be found in-game at the title screen.

Connect Four King

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Take it in turns to place yellow and red pieces, the winner is the player who has four of the same colour in a row either across, up/down, or diagonally. The player who has the most possible places to win is crowned a...


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Fight to the death in 1 shot kill quick matches on 3 maps!Arrow keys to control player 2. Numpad 1, 2 and 3 to control player 2 gun.WASD to control player 1. G, H, and J to control player 1 gun.You can use a gamepad t...

Castles of Talesworth

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A multiplayer game of castle warfare, inspired by the arcade classic Rampart. Engage up to 4 opponents in fast-paced multiplayer combat, or challenge 3 difficulty levels in a single player campaign to liberate your h...

Cardinal Quest 2

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A turn-based hack ‘n’ slash adventure. Choose from six classes and fight through randomly generated levels full of bountiful treasures to defeat the forces of darkness!Cardinal Quest 2 is free-to-play. You...

Freaky Run

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Are you ready to have a Freaky Run throughout Two Players fun? Well, in that case, start this free 2 Player Running game and find out how far you can run! Get ready for the ultimate and most dangerous online challenge...

Ame Fury

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Reign for power, domination and martial art demonstration, falls upon Earth... It rains for Ame Fury, a new 2 player game where you fight in a turn-based tournament against players from all over the world! Featuring ...

Smash the Swine

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test the smashing durability of their heads, along with four heavy weapons, one styled background of a farm, and an innocent bunny who is here just for fun. Challenge your friend to a 2 player smashing game, pick your...

Shaolin Slap Slap!

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Become a Shaolin Master by slapping opponents in this new 2 player game for warriors! Fong Fu Tiger, Pandalala Fox, Pan Dan Panda and Gold Li Monkey, are inside the Shaolin Temple where they patiently await their enem...

Punch Ball Jump

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Two mighty ninjas train in a game of ninja dodge ball! Hit the ball back and forth or jump over it to confuse your opponent! Hit the ball as many times as you can, with each hit the ball gets faster and faster! Watch ...

Ultimate Vs Battle

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An addictive and casual friendly one button, multiplayer game that everyone can enjoy demonstrating their own flying skills and competing tactics. In this 2 players game your goal is to outrun your opponent either in ...

Ninja Panda Couple

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Can you beat this training course and become a full fledged ninja panda either on 1 player or on a 2 player mode with your panda wife? Addictive, fun platform game where everyone can really enjoy! Pick your favorite g...

Digital Clash Arena

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Meanwhile into the future, deep into space, the Digital Clash Arena is created with hopes to gather and challenge the most skilled spaceship shooters out there. Take control of your simple shooter and start literally ...

Love’s First Week

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This pixelated call for love demands every lovers, romantic souls and gentle hearts out there! Get ready to dive into puzzling adventure of finding Love, sustaining its magical feeling, enchanting the romantic aura an...

Shameless Clone 2

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Pick heroes and destroy imaginative worlds in this great 2 player 8 bit shameless clone. Insane gameplay. Polished oldschool graphics. Swarms of enemies and tons of bonuses. Upgrade your heroes. You will only need you...

Mighty Tower

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Here comes the ultimate tower climbing challenge for all fans of 2 player games! Challenge your best friend at one on one platform jumping, wall sliding and tower climbing tournament. Master your jumping skills and go...

Snake Fight Arena

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For all those who really enjoyed playing as snakes and eating all kinds of fruits, well, this 2 players game is super improved and styled version of that all! Welcome to the Snake Fight Arena game! Pick your playing m...

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